Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break Day 4 Story time with Rhubarb and Pump it Up!

Story time with Rhubarb at Wheelock. So much fun. The kids got a kick out of his personality and great acting skills. They heard some great baseball stories and got to move around alot. So perfect for Thursday of spring break.

Addison and Greyson enjoying some warm-ups with Rhubarb.

Addison was so excited to get her picture taken with Rhubarb. Greyson just wanted to give a Hi-Five. Now we just have to take them to a game to really enjoy Rhubarb in action.

Pump it up!
Siri, one of Addison's classmates had a birthday party at Pump it Up and we were very excited to help her celebrate, especially since we had never been there. The kids had a blast. Super slides and jumping all around.

Addison was very frightened of the big slide, in fact I had to climb up the stairs and slide down with her three times. But then bravery came over her and she did it all by herself. Way to go Addison!! You did it.
Greyson loved every minute!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break day three.... Roller Skating!

Greyson just starting out. Hanging onto the wall to get the feel of the fancy wheels.
 We had never taken the kids roller skating so we decided an outing to Rollin 253 for a family date would be a great way to spend our third day on spring break. It was perfect, a two hour session designed just for kids under 6 and their parents. They were super excited to get their roller skates. Greyson said they were heavy. Addison just giggled. It took about 30 minutes of Damien and I coaching them and skating around the rink for them to get comfortable. After that they were pros. So much fun.
One arm out to balance.
Getting the feel for the wheels and the wall.

Taking a lap with daddy. She loved the music and wanted to dance the whole time.

Getting the hang of it.
Greyson showing me how to gracefully fall.
Little cutie.
Going Solo!
We had a great time and look forward to roller skating in the near future....

Thursday, April 5, 2012

We are back..... Fast forward to Spring Break 2012

Wow May 2010, that was a long time ago.... I guess life happened in these past 21 months. The kids have gotten bigger, started school, I got a another job and, and, and. Well I guess there could be alot of excuse but really I am excited to be back and posting pictures and information about our family because we truly do have a lot to share.

Spring Break 2012... We decided to do some adventuring around our own town... a  "stay cation." We loaded up and drove to Bremerton to tour the USS Turner at the Warship Museum. It was fascinating to be aboard such a huge ship and piece of history.
Addison touring the galley.

Greyson checking out the knot's and tools. Addison testing out the tables.

Climbing the very steep stairs. Greyson loved it. Addison did great going up but Daddy had to carry her down.

Fascinating to see all of the wheels, tools, gadgets and spaces.

Captain Addison.

Daddy demonstrating the noise the ship could have made.

Captain Greyson.

Super Windy on the deck.

We had a great day learning about history and doing something new!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

May 2010 Baking and Biking

For Easter the kids got horse shaped cake pans. They have been so excited to finally get to use their special pans.
Addison recieved Mr.Mixer Head for her birthday so was delighted to be able to use him to help her bake a cake.
The proud little bakers!A little frosting and a lot of sprinkles later and a mastery piece is finished. For Addison's birthday she got a new bike. She loves riding her bike and has truly mastered the art of balancing and gliding. She is very fast and can keep up with me as I run. Go Addison, go!
Greyson is just beginning to understand the pedaling concept, but boy, oh boy does he love his "green dump truck"


For my birthday this year I wanted to do something that I have never done... walk across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge!! It was a beautiful day and we loved every minute of it. Addison liked the view and enjoyed some walking with Daddy, Greyson just stayed in "Bob" the stroller and walked with mommy.
The whole gang!

Little Monkeys climbing!Make a wish here it comes.....

Friends in May....

An outing to Curran Apple Orchard with our treasured friends. What a beautiful day!Addison anb Tula sharing some rocks.
Greyson and Tula having some snacks together. The sprinklers came on and the kids started taking off their clothes to run in the water. They were so fun to watch. The innocence of running in the sunshine and enjoying a little sprinkler fun. Precious. Finely, Sarah and Addison all warming up in the sun and the warm rocks.
All dressed up for the Fancy Nancy party at the Learning Sprout. Such fun to enjoy a little tea and dress up party. We enjoyed our friends Finley and Erin.